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The Certified e-mail allows you to send and receive electronic documents over the internet, with the release of a legally valid electronic receipt, documenting the sending and delivery of the message and any document attached.
The e-mail has the same value as a traditional registered letter with delivery confirmation,  as long as both the sender and receiver avail of a Certified e-mail.

The communication by means of Certified e-mail is to be made solely between two Certified e-mail accounts, therefore, ENAV S.p.A. shall consider valid only the messages coming from a Certified e-mail account.

Messages sent to ENAV’s PEC address will be forwarded to the competent Department, after being logged and a confirmation message is sent to the original sender.

Certified e-mail (PEC) of ENAV S.p.A. : protocollogenerale@pec.enav.it